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The NCD Alliance advocacy priorities for the outcome of the first United Nations High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) are based on extensive consultation. These priorities respond to the unique dimensions of NCD prevention and control for UHC. This complements the UHC2030 Six Key Asks for the HLM, which cover the key building blocks of a successful HLM for advancing the UHC agenda. The five priorities are:

  1. Prioritise prevention as an essential component of UHC.
  2. Provide primary health care (PHC) as the foundation for UHC.
  3. Save lives by increasing equitable, universal access to quality and affordable essential medicines and products.
  4. Increase sustainable financing for health and improve efficiency in investments.
  5. Enable community engagement and empowerment in UHC design, development and accountability processes.

Over 200 global organisations and individuals including civil society, academia, alliances and people living with NCDs responded to a consultation to inform and shape these advocacy priorities. This will support the crucial opportunity to secure NCDs are included as key component of UHC in the meeting outcomes, and ensure healthy lives for all. Advocacy priorities will be used in Member State advocacy over the coming months to influence the outcome document of the HLM, to be held on 23 September 2019.