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Know the facts

Learn about NCDs, the HLM, and what needs to be done to stop preventable death and suffering from noncommunicable diseases. 

Share. Engage. Act. Inspire. Change.

Collaborate and convene

Is there already an NCD alliance in your country or region? There are 55 around the world, and there may be one near where you live. Visit the directory of National & Regional NCD alliances.

  • Connect with existing NCD alliances and NCD civil society who may have an interest in your area of expertise. See what they have already been doing to campaign and advocate before the UN HLM on NCDs, and see how you can support their work.
  • Convene an alliance if there isn’t one in your country or region – explore the NCDA’s Practical guide on how to build effective national and regional NCD alliances.
  • Conduct a mapping exercise of the HLM process in your country (or region), to identify the timeline, opportunities to influence, and key stakeholders.
  • Keep an ear out for civil society or government briefings on the UN HLM on NCDs that are being organised and try to attend.
  • Convene local advocacy groups to share why NCDs matter to them, document the outputs from the meeting, and communicate through blogs and media.
  • Convene a discussion forum or meeting with similar stakeholders to discuss priorities and opportunities for progress that the HLM presents, and identify how to leverage milestones along the way to maximise that progress.
  • Coordinate a briefing for ministers on NCDs, the HLM and the importance of engaging in the HLM process and meeting itself.
  • Hold or join a health promoting event like a healthy ‘fun run’, picnic, or street party, or contact the organisers of one that may already be planned and see how you can support (eg Health for All challenge).
  • Organise live coverage of events and capture photos and video, to share through social media. Invite journalists and prepare a press release to generate attention.
  • Take action to further the Advocacy Agenda of People Living with NCDs. For instance, translate it into your language, organise an event focused on people living with NCDs, and ensure that their priorities are communicated through your channels.
  • Join up with other people living with NCDs to discuss how NCDs affect you as a community, which campaign priorities resonate with you at the local level and why you call on your Head of State/Government to attend the UN HLM. Share the outcome of this meeting with your national and local government representatives by way of a letter. Mobilise your networks of people living with NCDs to sign the letter. Organise a special meeting to deliver the document, including the ENOUGH campaign priorities and the Advocacy Agenda of People living with NCDs, and reach out to media to let them know. Don’t forget to let us know about it by contacting the NCDA.
  • Join the NCD Alliance as a member. Contact us to find out more.
  • Request a meeting with your local member of parliament or Minister of Health / Foreign Affairs / Finance / Development to discuss your priorities on health and NCDs. This might be in follow up to a letter previously sent to them (see Generate Momentum). Consider who else might be worthwhile allies to have in the room, coordinate with them in advance and plan your key asks and follow up. Don’t forget to let us know about it!
  • Attend national and/or regional HLMs or NCD stakeholder consultations or events.
  • Build partnerships at the national level with like-minded organisations focused on NCDs/health, finance, sustainable development and human rights.
  • Register for the UN Civil Society Hearing, participate in consultations on HLM related reports and outcome document, and encourage your governments to, including sharing your feedback with them.
  • Share intelligence, achievements and feedback with the NCD Alliance on your discussions with your government on the 2018 HLM on NCDs. Contact the NCDA.
  • Keep us posted! Add news, events, and achievements to the map of impact (coming soon!).
  • Subscribe to ENOUGH campaign updates via the link below.
  • Sign up to the NCD Alliance newsletter and social media for regular updates on the HLM process, as well as opportunities to engage. Visit
  • Want to do more? Check out the pages below: