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Jamaica Has Had Enough Of Health Inequality

Jamaica has had enough of health inequality

Greater regional and international cooperation will be needed if Jamaica is to meet its goal of universal health coverage and a healthy population, said Minister of Health Dr. Christopher Tufton.

That cooperation includes greater technical support and best practices from the World Health Organization in areas such as health systems, affordable patient-centred and quality community-based interventions. Technical assistance is required to help supply health workers, especially specialist nurses, Tufton added in his speech to the World Health Assembly.

Prevention and health promotion

“With the current epidemic of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), we must also place more emphasis on prevention and health promotion through multi-sectoral partnerships and mainstreaming health in all policies,” he added.

Eliminating financial barriers to health care will be critical to providing UHC, said the minister. “We have taken steps to, for example, abolish user fees and provide protection for citizens living with NCDs through the creation of the National Health Fund and the Jamaica Drugs for the Elderly Programme.”

“These are not easy decisions. However, this must be done to achieve equity and protection,” Tufton added.

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