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Everyone is affected by NCDs in some way, be it living with an NCD, caring for someone with an NCD, or at risk of an NCD. Perhaps you are working on, researching, or shaping policy about NCDs, or maybe you are working in a country or sector that isn’t yet fully realising relevance of NCDs? Your voice matters as we collectively call on governments to step up with meaningful action to reduce preventable suffering, death and disability from NCDs.

Share your voice and tell the world how NCDs impact you, what you have had enough of, and why leaders must move from commitments to action with this HLM. We will ensure your messages spread around the world.

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Mams Omisore

NCD activist


NCDs affect us all - all levels of society, all ages, all races. Changing NCD outcomes one child at a time may mean a different future for us all!


Wajid Rather

Nutritional Consultant

There is a strong relationship between dietary habits and chronic NCDs. Let's make a pledge to eat locally grown seasonal foods, bring diversity to eating habits, develop a value system and help each other.


Jon Barrick

Stroke Alliance for Europe, President


Both my mum and dad had strokes, but we now know more about how to prevent, treat and support people who are at risk of stroke or have had one. Enough procrastination, let's fight back against NCD's.