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Stand With Us For Our Right To Health And Say ENOUGH

Stand with us for our right to health and say ENOUGH

Stand with the NCD Alliance and the global NCD movement to call for our right to healthy lives for all. Join us in saying: ENOUGH.

With Universal Health Coverage at the front of the global health and development agenda in 2019, we are emphasising the importance of integrating NCDs to deliver UHC through prevention, primary healthcare, equitable access to medicines, sustainable financing and investment, and engaged and empowered communities. The Global Week for Action on NCDs can demonstrate successes and also call for further action on NCD prevention and control measures. Most importantly, you can easily be a part of this global campaign for health.

Have you too had ENOUGH of governments making commitments but not taking meaningful action that actually improves all lives?

Everyone can join in, including people living with, at risk of and affected by NCDs, civil society advocates, youth, Presidents, Prime-Ministers, Heads of State, ministers and policy makers, economists, academics, experts, champions, and appropriate private sector.

Flexibility enables activities to be tailored to your context, resources, capacities, priorities and objectives. The possibilities are endless.

By joining this campaign to call on governments to shift gears from political commitments to meaningful actions which improve the health of all people, we will together improve the lives of millions of people.

Over 80 countries were represented in online and offline Week for Action on NCDs activities in 2018, reaching millions of people. In 2019, NCD Alliance is hoping to see even more voices, events, activities and news to agitate and inspire action that will deliver healthy lives for all. Add your voice. Take action. Join the movement. Have a positive impact on Health for All.

Other things you can do to join in:

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The 2nd Global Week for Action on Noncommunicable Diseases is 2-8 September themed Ensuring Healthy Lives for All: NCDs & Universal Health Coverage. Join the action & have an impact – #enoughNCDs #HealthForAll #NCDvoices #NCDs in #UHC @ncdalliance

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